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"We advise, You choose!"

Services offered by SIA AUDIT

SIA AUDIT offeres sufficient range of services to supply full servicing of the enterpreneureal activities at any stage of enterprise life cickle.

  • Legal services and consultations.
    Preparation and registration of enterprise registration documents and changes in them.
    Organization of enterprise liquidation and unliquidity procedures (bancruptcy, sanation).
    Claiming of debtorsí debts.

  • Auditing, service of sworn revidents.
    Revisions of finansial yearly review.
    Consultations on issues of bookkeeping review and taxes.
    Servicing of enterprise bookkeeping, elaboration of enterprise bookkeeping calculation system.

  • Analysis of enterpreneureal activities.
    Consultations in enterpreneureal activities.
    Elaboration of business and sanation plans.

  • Assessement of real estate and movable property.
    Deals with real estate.