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"We advise, You choose!"

SIA AUDIT was registered in the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia on Decenber 5, 1991.

AUDIT was founded in 1991 as one of the first auditor firms in Latvia. The firm supports and consults enterpreneurs of Latvia. In 2001 the firm AUDIT marked its 10 years anniversary.

AUDIT was originally founded as a structural unit of Riga Bank of Commerce and is situated at 6 Smilšu Street, but soon it became an independent enterprise.

In the course of its work AUDIT co-operated with Privatisation Agency and participated in the process of privatisation of enterprises, as well as Enterprise Register implementing liquidation of enterprises and preparing court cases of bancrupt enterprises along with services and consultations to enterpreneurs of Latvia and its range of clients stadily increses.

In 1997-1998 many new firms came to the field where AUDIT works, creating additional competition.

In spring 1999 AUDIT changed its leaders and it enhanced AUDIT competitivity and development of the firm leaving it among leading auditor firms in Latvia.

AUDIT leaders take into consideration ever encreasing demands of clients and development of competition and in July 2000 opened new office premises in the very centre of Riga, 36 Blaumana Street and formed a new and promicing team.

It has brought desired results.

At present AUDIT employes a team of specialists fully supplying a range of services which is sufficient to implement full servicing of enterpreneurial activities of the enterprise in any stages of its functioning cicle and any problem connected with enterpreneureal activities. AUDIT team is formed from people who are ready to help enterpreneurs and their employees in life situations which recquire support and advice from specialists.